Crime Scene & Biological Clean up

TEAM Environmental for Crime Scene & Biological CleanupShould the tragedy of a suicide, homicide, violent burglary, or need to clean-up a hoarders’ home or business occur, we make certain you receive the competent decontamination and remediation necessary.

There are potential hazards left in these areas; risk of disease (HIV / AIDS, E-coli, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Staph infections & H1N1), mold and airborne bacteria and viruses.  These areas can remain infected for years if they are not properly cleaned and sanitized.

TEAM Environmental for Crime Scene & Biological CleanupCleaning up a crime scene or biologically contaminated home or business, during this sensitive time, should not be a task you have to attend to on your own.

We will professionally handle all belongings involved with personal respect while properly removing, cleaning and sanitizing with industrial strength cleaners and equipment, all areas affected.